Finger Knitting!


Directions:  Loop yarn around each finger in succession, then lay down the yarn above the yarn on each finger, pull bottom yarn over top yarn, when finished lay yarn down going the other direction and again, pull bottom yarn over top yarn on each finger, repeat until you reach desired length.

HOW TO REMOVE PROJECT FROM FINGERS: start with finger furthest from working yarn, take yarn off that #1 finger and place it on the next #2 finger and over top of the yarn already on #2 finger, take yarn already on #2 finger and place it on the next finger (#3), repeat for #3 and #4.  Also see video below....

1. Anchor yarn with thumb 2. Wrap each finger with yarn,
starting from behind finger
3. Then lay yarn above looped yarn 4. Pull bottom loop yarn over each finger
5. Lay yarn in opposite direction, and repeat Step 4, pulling bottom loop over each finger. Repeat process until you reach the desired length. 6. To finish and working toward ball yarn, place first loop on next finger, then pull bottom loop over finger, repeat until project is off your hand. 7. Draw yarn through final loop and cut! Your finger knitting project can be as long as you like and it also can be sewn together as a unit or in sections if desired.

















VIDEO:  Finger knitting (Tutorial Video) - Garnstudio

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Finger Knitting Instructions