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MOUNTAIN LAUREL YARN:  https://www.facebook.com/Mountain-Laurel-Yarn-301887310189479/ We are a local yarn company based in Chester County, PA which focus on breed specific and hand dyed yarns sourced from local and regional small farms. Specializes in natural breed specific yarns and hand dyed yarns sourced locally and regionally from small farms.  mountainlaurelyarn@gmail.com (READ MORE ABOUT THEM BELOW)

O-WOOL:  https://o-wool.com/pages/faq / AND https://o-wool.com/pages/our-story Most of their merino wool comes from S. America, although their alpaca comes from local farms.  Their fibers are milled in US., and prepared locally.  https://www.facebook.com/O-Wool-119547891424674 info@o-wool.com



A.C. Moore

Columbus Crossing Shopping Center
1851 S. Columbus Blvd., Suite F
Philadelphia, PA 19148
Ph: (215) 752-9506

A.C. Moore

Broad Street Philadelphia
100 S. Broad Street, Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19110
Ph: (215) 278-8028

From Christina Kuo (mhkuo1@gmail.com) of Mountain Laurel Yarn:

Hi Lynn,

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me briefly even though you're busy!  I really do appreciate it.

My partner Anne and I started Mountain Laurel Yarn back in May of 2016 (yes, just a few months ago) because we both LOVE to knit, and we also love beautiful yarns.  However, we are surprise to find that a local (PA) and yarn line is quite scarce, and we always bought breed specific yarns from other states and countries.  So, we decided to do our research and find out what is available here in PA since we live here and we wanted to have our roots in PA and we wanted to have our yarns made in PA.  Our company was the final product of our research.

Mountain Laurel Yarn has 2 lines:

(1) breed specific yarns - we sourced our fleeces from 3 different small farms in Lancaster and Halifax areas, and we paid fair prices for our fleeces from the farmers.  As of now we carry Shetland, Romney, BFL, Corriedale, Correidale-Merino cross breed, Tunis, Merino and CVM; all natural undyed (except our Tunis and some Merino which we dyed ourselves) in different weights ranging from lace weight to chunky.  We have different shades of the natural undyed yarns ranging from natural white to dark brown, with grays and fawns in between.  

(2) our hand-dyed yarns - they are US Domestic wool blends and US Merino wool and they are DK, worsted and chunky weights and we dye them ourselves.

(3) all our yarns are made in PA in 3 different PA mills

(4) unlike other PA or Philly-based yarn companies who may have yarns milled in PA or dyed in PA, their yarn sources (fleeces) could be from abroad since they are a lot cheaper! (one of the mills actually told us that the rovings are a lot cheaper from abroad and as long as the yarns are milled in USA no one cares where the fleeces and rovings are from!) ALL our breed specific sources are from PA (we will be expanding to MD, NJ and New England regions in the future but that's our limit) so far and they are also milled in PA.  The reason we wanted to do this is to make sure that we are also supporting these smaller farms who truly care about their animals. 

(4) we think the public don't realize that PA can produce such beautiful yarns from so many different breeds of sheep.  the public knows of merino wool and cashmere...and maybe shetland wool sweaters...we feel that they should know there are other sheep breeds that produce beautiful fleeces in different colors as well and our local yarns are just as nice, if not nicer (our shetland wool yarns are totally amazingly soft!!!) than their out-of-state and abroad counterparts.

(5) we don't use harsh chemicals to wash our yarns:  just boiling water and natural soap.  That's all.  For our dyed yarns, we use a variety of commercial acid dyes and natural plant dyes.  

(6) Anne lives in Pottstown and I live in Wayne, we are local.  We want to support PA small business and that includes the mills and the farms.  This is very important to us.  We certainly feel that our small farms in PA are not represented well enough in the yarn industry and that's a shame.  Why should we buy rovings from other states and abroad if we can get them here?!  Sourcing local are definitely more environmentally friendly.

(7) we will be at the Fiber Festival at the Upper Merion Farmer's Market on 10/22, Saturday, 930-1.  Please check out their website www.uppermerionfarmersmarket.org for more details!  Feel free to stop by and say hi to us and squeeze our yarns!

(8) we can take our yarns to your knitting club to show them to you!  We were invited to a couple knitting clubs in the last few months to show our yarns so that the members can feel them before purchasing them.  Seeing the different yarns in person is definitely different from seeing them online and on instagram!

Thanks Lynn!  There are definitely more info and this is a brief summary.  Please feel free to contact me: mountainlaurelyarn@gmail.com or 484-802-7022.


You can see the most up-to-date info on instagram@mountainlaurelyarn