FIBER ARTISTS WHO SELL THEIR STUFF:  If you would like to be listed on this page, please send your information to LynnLandes@gmail.com


Tahnisha B. Thomas:  I ran into the utterly charming Tahnisha B. Thomas today at Bartram Garden's Holiday Greens Sale.   Tahnisha is one of a growing number of Fiber Arts entrepreneurs who we want to promote and support.  She is a Philly Knits member already, and has been wanting to attend the Barnes meetups (there's one tomorrow), but her schedule hasn't allowed for it.  However, that's going to change next month, so we hope to see her then.  Meanwhile, my daughter purchased three hats for her daughters and herself - see photo above.  They loved them!  Tahisha sells her crocheted products under the title, Nana's Hook.  You can contact her at tahnisha.thomas@yahoo.com.